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Drug Interdiction and Conducting Complete Traffic Stops

Drug Interdiction and Conducting Complete Traffic Stops

  • Newport News, VA - 06/27/2024 04:00 AM
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The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services is pleased to announce “Drug Interdiction and Conducting Complete Traffic Stops” training.
This two-day course provides an in-depth look at the latest criminal patrol techniques being utilized by successful interdiction units. Students will be able to recognize potential criminal indicators and what these indicators could mean. The course will encompass the professional roadside interview and officer safety issues. Furthermore, staff will showcase the latest concealment methods used by drug trafficking organizations. Students will walk through each step, from the initial traffic stop to the post-seizure arrest.

Topics to be covered include:

• Indicators and Detection Methods
• Legal Considerations
• Roadside Interview Techniques
• Professionalism at the Traffic Stop
• Passenger Vehicle Concealment Methods
• Officer Safety Issues

Who should attend?

This training is only open to sworn Virginia law enforcement officers. 

Partial In-service Credit

PIC will be available.

Course Time and Details

• Check-in for the training will begin at 7:30 AM.
• Training will begin at 8:00 AM and conclude at or around 5:00 PM daily.


There is no fee to attend this training and all training materials will be provided for registrants.

For More Information, Contact:

Chris Scuderi

Josh Butts