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Virginia Campus Security Officer (CSO) Certification Training

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The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services is pleased to announce “Campus Security Officer (CSO) Certification Training,” a two-day course that meets Virginia’s mandated training and certification requirements for college/university campus security personnel. 

All campus security officers employed on Virginia’s public college and university campuses are required to complete the minimum entry-level employment, training, and certification requirements.  Participation in this course meets the entry-level training requirement for all existing campus security personnel, as well as new hires.  This course consists of five modules of content developed and approved by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, with topics including but not limited to:

  • The role and responsibility of Campus Security Officers
  • Relevant state and federal laws
  • School and personal liability issues
  • Security awareness in the campus environment
  • Mediation and conflict resolution
  • Disaster and emergency response
  • Behavioral dynamics

This compulsory minimum training will include a cumulative test.

Intended Audience

Virginia Campus Security Officer Certification Training is intended for current college and university campus security personnel, including private security personnel serving in a campus security function.  Campus Security Officer means any person employed by or contracted to a college or university for the sole purpose of maintaining peace and order and who is primarily responsible for ensuring the safety, security, and welfare of students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  Certified law enforcement officers as defined in § 9.1-101 are not included in this definition.

TRAINING EXCEPTION:  Contracted personnel who hold a valid private security services registration as an unarmed or armed security officer as defined under § 9.1-138 are exempt from these training standards provided that their duties are limited to event security.

Part-time officers employed or contracted to any one institution of higher learning or any combination of these institutions in Virginia, are exempt from this training requirement provided the aggregate hours worked by the officer during the calendar year do not exceed one hundred and twenty (120) hours.

Training Time and Details

The training hours for all training days will be 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.  Registration will begin each day at 7:30 am.

Travel, Lodging and Meals

Participants are responsible for their transportation, lodging, and meals.

Cost and Registration

Pre-registration is required.  There is no cost to attend this training.

Please note that the DCJS registration system does not have the capacity to sort eligible from ineligible registrants. Therefore, anyone who registers will receive a confirmation. It is the responsibility of the DCJS assigned course director to review the roster and make a final determination on acceptance into the course. Registrants not accepted will be notified via the email address provided during registration.

DCJS Page Contact

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Law Enforcement & Public Safety Training Manager
Law Enforcement and Public Safety Training
(804) 380-9709