About DCJS

Agency Mission and Vision

The mission of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services is to provide leadership to improve the criminal justice system in Virginia’s communities through effective training, partnerships, research, regulation, and support.

Our vision is to be the national leader and Virginia's premier criminal justice agency, creating dynamic system-wide solutions for public safety.

Agency Description

The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) is charged with planning and carrying out programs and initiatives to improve the functioning and effectiveness of the criminal justice system as a whole (§9.1-102 of the Code of Virginia).

The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services:

  • conducts research and evaluation on criminal justice issues;
  • develops short and long-term criminal justice plans;
  • distributes federal and state funding to localities, state agencies and nonprofit organizations in the areas of law enforcement, prosecution, crime and delinquency prevention, juvenile justice, victims services, corrections and information systems;
  • provides training, technical assistance and program development services to all segments of the criminal justice system;
  • establishes and enforces minimum training standards for law enforcement, criminal justice and private security personnel; and
  • licenses and regulates the private security industry in Virginia.

The agency’s primary constituents are local and state criminal justice agencies and practitioners, private agencies, private security practitioners and businesses, and the public-at-large. Other constituents include local governments and state agencies, the federal government and advocacy groups/associations.

DCJS is unique in state government because of its system-wide perspective on criminal justice. While it directs programs and services to each component of the system, it has an overarching responsibility to view the system as a whole, to understand how changes in one part of criminal justice will affect other parts, and to work to assure that plans and programs are comprehensive.

The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services is one of 10 agencies within the Secretariat of Public Safety and Homeland Security. The Criminal Justice Services Board is the agency’s policy board. It is comprised of representatives from all aspects of the criminal justice system on both state and local levels of government, and most of its members are appointed by the Governor.

Agency Director

Jackson Miller, Director
Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services
1100 Bank Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services is organized under these Divisions and the Office of the Director:

Office of the Director is the location of the Criminal Justice Research Center, and the Communication and Design Center.

Division of Finance and Administration provides oversight and management of the agency's administrative functions including; Financial Services, Grants Management, Human Resources, and Computer Services.

Division of Law Enforcement has multi-faceted responsibilities including oversight and management of training standards and regulations for the criminal justice community, training programs in public safety and homeland security, the Crime Prevention and Accreditation Programs and the development of law enforcement policies.The Division is dedicated to enhancing public safety and improving criminal justice through its sections: Field Inspections and Audits, Public Safety Training, and Standards and Policy.

Division of Licensure and Regulatory Services involves the oversight and enforcement of five regulatory programs to include: Private Security Services; Bail Bondsmen; Bail Enforcement Agents; Special Conservators of the Peace; and Tow Truck Drivers. The Division is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to our constituents and professionals serving the private side of public safety. The sections within this Division include: Adjudication | Compliance, Enforcement, and Training | Customer Service and Criminal History | Licensing.

Division of Programs and Services provides oversight and management of agency program areas and grants to Adult Justice Programs, Juvenile and Child Welfare, and Victims Services.

Division of Public Safety Training and Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety (PST-VCSCS) focuses on improving and enhancing safety by developing partnerships and addressing topics that affect Virginia law enforcement, K-12 public schools, and institutions of higher education. The Division of Public Safety Training focuses on helping Virginia’s citizens and law enforcement agencies achieve the goals of preparedness and protection. VCSCS is a one-stop resource and training center for information and research about national and statewide safety efforts and initiatives in K-12 schools and institutions of higher education. The PST-VCSCS division also oversees over $330 million in grants to support these initiatives throughout the Commonwealth. Sections include the VCSCS, Law Enforcement Grants and Programs, Law Enforcement and Public Safety Training, and the Active Attack Program. 

Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) are programs that bring together local stakeholders, including law enforcement officers, emergency dispatchers, mental health treatment providers, consumers of mental health services and others (such as hospitals, emergency medical care facilities, non-law enforcement first responders, and family advocates).

Agency Contact Information

  • Call us at 804.786.4000
  • Write us at: Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services
    1100 Bank Street
    Richmond, VA 23219