Advisory Committee to the CASA/CJA Programs

Advises the Board on CASA/CJA matters.

For more information about the committee and their meeting schedule, contact Melissa O'Neill at 804.786.6428.

Molly Dellinger-Wray
(Individual Experienced in Working with Children with Disabilities)
Term Expires: Jul 2021
Robin Foster
(Health Representative)
Term Expires: Jul 2022
Allison Gilbreath
(Adult Survivor of Child Abuse/Neglect)
Term Expires: Jul 2019
Sandra Karison
(Representative Knowledgeable in Court Matters)
Ongoing Appointment
Patricia Popp
(Representative Experienced in Working with Homeless Children and Youth)
Ongoing Appointment
Regina Baker
(Parent Attorney Representative )
Term Expires: Jul 2024
Thomas Sotelo
(Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court Judge)
Term Expires: Jul 2023
Ashley Thompson
(Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney)
Term Expires: Jul 2023
Shannon Hartung
(State Child Protective Services Agency)
Ongoing Appointment
Kim Barbarji
(Parent Representative )
Term Expires: Jul 2024
Randy Bonds
(Law Enforcement Representative)
Term Expires: Jul 2024
Shardell Gerald
(Local Child Protective Services Agency )
Term Expires: Jul 2023
Jerrauld Jones
(Civil and Criminal Court Judge)
Term Expires: Jul 2023
Jennifer Newman
(Guardian ad litem)
Term Expires: Jul 2023
Giselle Pelaez
(Mental Health Professional)
Term Expires: Jul 2023