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How do I become a CSO instructor?

To become a CSO instructor, the applicant must submit an Instructor Application to DCJS and meet the following criteria:

  • possess a high-school diploma, GED, or equivalent,
  • possess 2 years management or supervisory experience as a CSO or LEO or 3 years general experience as a CSO or LEO 
  • possess 1 year of experience as an instructor in an accredited institution.
A CSO instructor applicant may submit a Request for Waiver of Instructor Approval Qualifications with supporting documentation, if they do not meet 1 or more of the requirements above.
Certified CSO instructors may hold compulsory training classes by submitting a Training Class Request within 30 days of the class and must notify DCJS of any changes to the training. The instructor must test each student on each module and return the tests and rosters within 5 days to DCJS for processing. CSO instructors may also hold recertification classes and may submit a Partial In-Service Credit (PIC) Course Approval Form DCJS for approval.