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What are the licensing requirements for a Bail Bondsman?

FAQ Organization

The main requirements for both surety and property are as follows, please review the additional requirements listed under the surety or property questions. You must submit the following to the department:

  • Initial Bail Bondsman License and $900.00 nonrefundable licensure fee.
  • Nonrefundable Category fee
    • Property Bail Bondsman- $250
    • Agent Bail Bondsman- $100   
    • Surety Bail Bondsman- $100
  • Complete the 40-hour entry-level training and pass the bail bondsman exam as prescribed by the Board.
  • Fingerprint card, fingerprint processing application and applicable non-refundable fee. For more information, view the Fingerprints page.

For those who will have access to a firearm, they must complete the requirements for a Firearms Endorsement. For more information, view the Firearms Endorsement page.