What can I expect during a DCJS site visit?

Prior to the site visits, the Grant Monitor will send a formal notification letter at least 30 calendar days before the visit to confirm dates and scope of review; provide details of documentation needed for the review; specify expected timeframe for the review; and ensure key officials are available during the visit.  The Grant Monitor will also provide the sub-grantee with the Items for Review Checklist (located on the Victims Services page:  https://www.dcjs.virginia.gov/victims-services/forms) and request that supporting documentation be compiled by the start of the visit. 

During the review, the Grant Monitor will complete the sub-grantee Monitoring Tool and address noted concerns with the sub-grantee. The Grant Monitor will track each step followed during the review process, document conversations with sub-grantee staff, and inspect the progress of the project/program.  At the end of the on-site monitoring visit, the Grant Monitor will meet with key officials to present the tentative findings noted from the financial review.  After the on-site monitoring visit, the Grant Monitor will issue a Post-Review Letter to the sub-grantee within 60 calendar days documenting recommendations for corrective action and requiring the submission of a corrective action plan within 45 calendar days by the sub-grantee, if necessary.