What is the role of a DCJS Grant Monitor?

Grant Monitors:

  • Review quarterly financial and programmatic reports required by DCJS.
  • Follow-up with sub-grantees and ensure that sub-grantees take timely and appropriate action on all deficiencies pertaining to the grant award detected through audits, on- site monitoring visits, desk reviews, and other monitoring activities.
  • Conduct trainings and/or provide technical assistance for sub-grantees to help administer the grant.
  • Evaluate any newly revealed information that may affect sub-grantees’ risk score and modify the monitoring plan as necessary.
  • Perform pre-award review based on the questionnaire to determine the fitness of sub- grantees to receive new grant funds, or perform a risk assessment.
  • Coordinate with the DCJS Grants Management Section for the issuance of management decisions for audit findings relating to DCJS grant funding.
  • Conduct on-site monitoring visits of sub-grantees to ensure financial and programmatic compliance.