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Bail Enforcement Agent

What would make a person ineligible to be a Bail Enforcement Agent?

  • Persons who have been convicted of a misdemeanor within the last five years; a misdemeanor that is similar to brandishing a firearm or stalking, or any felony within the Commonwealth, any other state, or the United States, who have not been pardoned, or whose civil rights have not been restored, or persons currently the subject of a protective order

What are the Licensure Requirements for a Bail Enforcement Agent?

  • Initial Bail Enforcement Agent application and $200.00 nonrefundable licensure fee.
  • Complete the 40-hour entry-level training at a DCJS certified training school.
  • Fingerprint card, Fingerprint Processing Application and applicable non-refundable fee. For more information, view the Fingerprints page.

For those who will have access to a firearm, they must complete the requirements for a Firearms Endorsement. For more information, view the Firearms Endorsement page. 

What is bail recovery?

Bail recovery means an act whereby a person arrests a bailee with the object of surrendering the bailee to the appropriate court, jail, or police department, for the purpose of discharging the bailee’s surety from liability on his bond. “Bail recovery” shall include investigating, surveilling or locating a bailee in preparation for an imminent arrest, with such object and for such purpose. 

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