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Compliance Agent

What is "official documentation" regarding compliance agents?

The term "official documentation" refers to personnel records; DD214; copies of business licenses indicating ownership; law enforcement transcripts; certificates of training completion; a signed letter provided directly by a current/previous employer detailing dates of employment and job duties; college transcripts; letters of commendation; private security services registrations, certifications, and/or licenses from other states; and/or other employment, training, or experience verification documents. A resume is not considered official documentation. 

What are the duties of the compliance agent?

Compliance agents ensure that the licensee and all employees conform to all application requirements, administrative requirements and standards of conduct pursuant to the Code of Virginia and the state regulations.  In addition, the agent ensures that all regulated employees carry proper credentials while on duty. Compliance agents also maintain documentation for all employees, or persons otherwise utilized, that verifies compliance with requirements pursuant to the Code of Virginia and the state regulations.

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