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What happens if registrations are not renewed prior to expiration or reinstated within 60 days following the expiration date?

The individual registration will expire and you must complete all initial application requirements. This includes submittal of a new registration application, entry-level training requirements, Criminal History Processing form and required fees.

What is "official documentation"?

Some private security credentials require the submittal of official documentation for the purpose of eligibility.  This refers to personnel records; DD214; copies of business licenses indicating ownership; law enforcement transcripts; certificates of training completion; a signed letter provided directly by a current/previous employer detailing dates of employment and job duties; college transcripts; letters of commendation; private security services registrations; certifications, and/or licenses from other states; and/or other employment, training, or experience verification documents

What reciprocity agreements are in effect?

Currently the only reciprocity agreement that is available is for private investigators. The states that qualify are North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Florida. It only applies if an investigation originates in the investigator's home state and carries over to one of the agreement states. That allows the investigator to enter the reciprocity state to pursue the investigation for a period of 30 days. If an investigation should take longer than the 30 days allotted, DCJS must be notified.

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