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Photo ID

My photo-identification card was lost or destroyed. How do I obtain a new one?

To obtain a duplicate ID, you may submit and pay for a Duplicate Replacement Application by creating and logging into your online account here or by submitting the paper application and applicable fee to our office for processing. If your current registration was issued prior to July 1, 2017 but you would like to obtain the new photo ID prior to your next renewal, you can also submit the Duplicate/Replacement Registration Application and applicable fee for that purpose.

What are the new fee schedules?

The new fee schedules only apply to Private Security Registrants. The fee schedule will be effective July 1, 2017 and is as follows:

  • Renewal Registration Application Fee: $34.00
  • Initial Registration Application Fee: $39.00
  • Reinstatement Fee: $17.00
  • Additional Registration Category Fee: $34.00
  • Replacement Registration ID Fee: $34.00
  • Firearm Endorsement Fee (renewal or additional category): $24.00

How do I submit my picture?

DCJS has partnered with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to make this process easy and convenient for you. If you already have a photo on file with the DMV, you don’t need to do anything! If there is no photo on file, you will be issued a letter that serves as your approved registration. This letter will also instruct you on what to do in order to have your photo taken so a card can be issued to you.

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