13E - General Instructor Entry-Level

Applications and fees must be received by DCJS and all application & eligibility requirements must be met prior to enrollment.

DCJS will issue a confirmation to individuals with details regarding training session date & location and any special instructions. You will be scheduled for the next available session if the requested date is full.

Course Title and Code: General Instructor Development Entry-Level Training (13E)

Application Type: General Instructor Entry-level Training Enrollment form (PSS_GE)

Course Description: Entry-Level training provided by DCJS which makes an individual eligible to be certified as an instructor.

The General Instructor Development Course is an intensive 40-hour course conducted over the course of five (5) days, with approximately 20 hours of additional after-hours work. It consists of five primary subject areas: the adult learner, the instructor role, lesson preparation, presentation and application. Candidates in this exercise should be self-disciplined, independent participants, able to work in groups of various sizes, complete thoroughly each assigned task in a timely manner and meet all course goals and objectives.

During this course, assignments are given on a daily basis and shall be completed as directed. Lesson plan topics will be assigned from the Regulations and Code of Virginia during the first day. The candidate’s primary objective is to research and develop their assigned topic for presentation, application and feedback as outlined during the course. And, as a tool of learning, teachback the assigned topic for a minimum of 15 minutes for evaluation. Throughout the course, each candidate will be evaluated on various performance goals.

Scheduled date:
Please see the training and events page for course schedules. Following review of all application requirements, the department shall assign the applicant to an entry-level general instructor training session.

Eligibility/Application Requirements :

  1. Be a minimum of 18 years of age;
  2. Three years (3) of managerial or supervisory experience in a private security services business, a federal, state, or local law-enforcement agency, or in a related field

  3. Five years (5) experience in a private security services business, with a federal, state or local law-enforcement agency, or in a related field.
  4. Be a United States citizen or legal resident alien of the United States.

Submit to the Department:

  1. General Instructor Development Entry-level Training Enrollment application (PSS_GE) and applicable non-refundable fee;
  2. Official documentation verifying eligibility. For more information, view the Official Documentation page.
  3. Please note: you will not be scheduled for training until all applications, fees and documentation are submitted.

View the Instructor page for more information.