14E - Firearms Instructor Entry Level

For the purpose of thorough, consistent and appropriate qualification for alternative instructor development training, the following guidelines will be utilized to substantiate that qualification:

  1. The Alternative Training applicant must be either a:
    • law enforcement agency,
    • government agency,
    • Virginia DCJS certified private security training school,
    • a national association

2.  The applicant must submit the following documentation for a minimum of 40-hours of training:

  • a full lesson plan (see content requirements below)
  • a copy of the certificate of completion
  • name and full curriculum vitae of Virginia DCJS certified firearms instructor who will conduct the Alternative Training Firearms Instructor Course
  • copy of course policies/rules and range safety rules
  • name and DCJS number of firing range to be utilized
  • acknowledgement of the course of fire to be used (6VAC20-174-380)
  • copy of range sheet that will be provided to the student
  • acknowledgement that applicant will inform student of the requirements for receiving credit from DCJS for the training including payment of training waiver fees.

Firearms Instructor Development Lesson Plan content must include the following.  This is not an firearms training class, but a class on how to teach a firearms training course:

  • Instructor's role and responsibilities
  • Virginia Firearms requirements and courses of fire
  • Range and firearms safety
  • Deadly Force, law and liability
  • Ammunition
  • Principles of marksmanship and Practical firearms handling
  • Nomenclature and equipment
  • Cleaning, care and maintenance
  • Instructing Practical Application - shoot/don't shoot, high threat scenarios, de-escalation, weapon retention
  • Training Plan/Lesson Plan Development
  • Facilitation -firing range training, line of fire, clearing weapons
  • Instructional resources and research
  • Managing range emergencies
  • Course evaluation, testing and remediation
  • Virginia Code and Code of Virginia regulations related to Private Security from the instructor perspective
  • Topics must address the use of revolvers, semi-automatic handguns, and shotguns

NOTE:  The Firearms Instructor Development Entry-Level course is not the General Instructor Development Entry-Level course and must emphasize instructing firearms courses.

The Alternative Training School applicant understands that this is unregulated training and that the Department may revoke or rescind the pre-approved status at any time and for any reason it deems appropriate.