V-STOP Reporting Forms

In an effort to streamline the reporting process for V-STOP grantees, beginning with the 1st quarter report for 2007, DCJS is asking grantees to begin to complete the same .pdf form for the V-STOP quarterly report that has been submitted as the annual report for the past two years.

It will also be required that grantees submit a narrative report that will include the same questions that have been included on the quarterly report for the past 3 years.

Grantees will upload both the .pdf data document AND the word narrative document onto GMIS when submitting quarterly reports.

To be clear, the data that grantees will be reporting on WILL NOT CHANGE. The only things that are changing are the forms on which grantees report the information.

Please indicate on Page 2, Question #4 (Subgrantee Number), whether it is Quarter 1, Quarter 2, Quarter 3, or Quarter 4. Also on this page are the instructions for completing the .pdf data form and a helpful hints document that reviews frequently made mistakes.

Please make sure you download the correct form for your project. If you are uncertain which form to use, please contact your grant monitor.