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Hospital-Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Program

The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) is now accepting applications for the Virginia Hospital-Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Program (HVIP). The purpose of this initiative is to support the implementation of proven strategies that will result in reducing violent crime within the Commonwealth while implementing effective and sustainable solutions to intercept and eliminate local cycles of violence. HVIPs are multidisciplinary programs that combine the efforts of medical staff with trusted community-based partners to provide safety planning, services, and trauma-informed care to victims injured in gun violence and their families.

With this grant program, DCJS seeks to continue and expand HVIP programs to provide services to victims of violent crime with the goal of reducing future incidences of violencerelated injuries and homicides. It is anticipated that funding will be awarded to one statewide organization to coordinate the continuation or enhancement of HVIP projects in multiple hospital locations. The recipient will coordinate all aspects of the HVIP project, including coordinating project establishment in hospitals through sub-contracts, providing orientation and training to project staff, and evaluating program implementation. In addition, the recipient will ensure that reporting is completed, and project evaluation components are included.

Recognizing the serious need to address gun violence, the General Assembly appropriated $4,000,000 in funding each year for two years (Firearm Violence Intervention and Prevention Fund)1 “solely for the purposes of assisting local agencies, community-based organizations, and hospitals for the purpose of supporting implementation of evidenceinformed gun violence intervention programs. This announcement provides guidance to aid applicants in determining eligibility, developing a program narrative, developing the itemized budget and budget narrative, and completing other related forms. Using the guidance presented in this document, applicants should be able to prepare complete applications efficiently and effectively in the On-line Grant Management System (OGMS).