Jail/Court Security/Civil Process Curriculum Review Committee

Responsible for making recommendations on any changes in the compulsory minimum training standards for Jail Officers, Court Security Officers and Civil Process Officers to the Committee On Training. The Jail/Court Security/Civil Process Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) consists of representatives of eight individuals representing entry-level jailor or custodial officer, courthouse and courtroom security officer, and process service officer training. Three members represent sheriffs’ offices, three members represent regional jails, and two members represent academies. The Committee on Training appoints members of the Curriculum Review Committee.

Superintendent James Whitley Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center
Col. William C. Smith Superintendent
Western Tidewater Regional Jail
Dir. Jon Cliborne Crater Criminal Justice Training Academy
Sheriff Ken Stolle Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office
Sheriff Steve Draper City of Martinsville Sheriff’s Office
Superintendent Stephen Clear Southwest Virginia Regional Jail Authority
Capt. Henry Smith Henrico County Sheriff's Office
Lt. Bryant Mallory Hanover Sheriff's Office