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What is a budget amendment?

A budget amendment allows you to move any portion of your award from one budget category to another budget category. All sub-recipients must obtain approval from DCJS for any budget change prior to the obligation or expenditure of grant funds.  All budget changes must be submitted in OGMS via the Contract Amendment component.  All proposed changes must include a description, itemization (basis of computation), itemization (unit cost of each item) and appropriate justification explaining how the request is allowable and essential to the project. Please double check all figures and ensure that the narrative aligns with the proposed budget amendment. Be sure to round to the nearest dollar. The total amount of the request cannot exceed the total amount awarded. Verify the total award against the Statement of Grant Award (SOGA). If additional space is needed, upload a narrative, quotes, or invoices to support the request.  To submit a request for a budget amendment, please submit the request in OGMS by selecting the Contract Amendments component.  For guidance on how to adequately itemize and justify a request, go to the Victims Services Grant Management Resources page:  For instructions on how to submit a contract amendment, go to the OGMS Training & Resources page: