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Training Exemptions

What categories of training are not eligible for exemption?

  • Armored Car Personnel (03E)
  • Electronic Security Core Subjects (30E)
  • Compliance Agent training except for the pre-approved online course
  • Armed Security Officer Arrest Authority (05E) course except for pre-approved GSA Security Officer entry-level training
  • Law enforcement-based exemptions are not eligible for Electronic Security Sales Representative or Electronic Security Technicians  

For in-service training credit, what kind of training is eligible?

The training must have been taken during the 24 months immediately preceding the expiration date of the active registration and must meet or exceed the specific requirements set forth in the state regulations for your given category. Certain alternative training programs have already been pre-approved and can be found on the Training Alternatives page on our website.

What is a training exemption?

A training exemption is an issuance of credit which exempts an individual from taking some portion of the required training established under the minimum compulsory training requirements set forth in the Regulations. All entry-level exemptions are considered “partial”; some additional training will still be required. All in-service exemptions are considered “full training alternatives”, and must include the mandated hours and subjects required to fulfill the in-service requirement for the requested registration or certification category. 

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