Performance Outcome 5.1.

Identify threats/inappropriate contacts and communications directed toward the judiciary.

Training Objective Related to 5.1.

1. Given a written exercise, identify procedures for identifying types of threats directed toward the judiciary and alternatives in mitigating/addressing those threats or inappropriate communications.

Criteria:  The trainee shall be tested on the following:

5.1.1.   Identify procedures to distinguish a threat from an inappropriate communication.

5.1.2.   Identify threat management strategies.

Lesson Plan Guide: The lesson plan shall include the following:

1.   Determine the type of communication:

a.   Threat:

1.  Normally criminal in nature and can be prosecuted.

b.   Inappropriate communication/contact:

1.  Troubling communication that may not be criminal but raise law-enforcement concern.

2.   Conduct a Protective Investigation:

a.   Protectee safe?

b.   Is the subject known, do they have a criminal record?

c.   Photograph of subject.

d.   Interview source of information. 

e.   Interview subject in their residence.

f.    Anyone else threatened.

3.   Determine the best threat management strategy to use:

a.   Take no further action.

b.   Watch and wait.

c.   Third party control/monitoring.

d.   Subject interview.

e.   Civil order.

f.    Mental health commitment.

g.   Arrest