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On-line & Training Alternatives

Below, are additional options to the conventional training methods. Click on a training provider's name or course's name for more information. View our guidelines on how to get a course or event approved as a training alternative.

Online Training

The following are the ONLY current DCJS-approved providers of online training.

Training Provider Online Courses Offered
1st Virginia Public Safety Training Academy
A Class Academy, LLC
A Security Training Academy, Inc.
AAA Online Training Academy, LLC
Academi K-9
Accredited Security Training
Aspis Protection Service
Automation Precision Technology, LLC
Blue Raven Criminal Justice Academy
Central Training Academy
Certified Training Academy
Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy
Complete Electrical Academy
D & D Security Training Academy
DSA Training Academy, LLC
Eagle Security Solutions, Inc
Elite Investigation & Protection Agency, Inc.
Golden Seal Enterprises, Inc
Safeside Range & Training
School of Lock and Electronic Security
Scorpion Defense Training Group
Shields Point, LLC of Alaska
Strategic Training Academy
Stratus Defense
Course DCJS Equivalent
Bio-Terrorism Protection: Prepare and Survive 01I - Security Officer In-service
Firearms Instructor Entry-Level 14E - Firearms Instructor Entry-Level Training
Firearms Instructor In-Service 14I - Firearms Instructor In-Service
General Instructor Entry-Level 13E - General Instructor Entry-Level
General Instructor In-Service 13I - Instructor Development In-Service
Personal Protection Specialist In-Service 32I - Personal Protection Specialist In-Service