The legislative mandate for the Virginia Center for School & Campus Safety (VCSCS) includes serving as a resource for Virginia school divisions, disseminating information to Virginia school divisions, and to provide technical assistance to Virginia school divisions.  One of the ways the VCSCS meets this mandate is through the development and review of legislation pertaining to school, campus, and public safety.  In the next couple of weeks, the VCSCS will release a legislative guide for this year’s legislative session.  Below are some of the significant changes effecting schools this year. 

Fire & Lock Down Drills- The 2016 Virginia General Assembly passed House Bill 1279 which amended §§ 22.1-137 and 22.1-137.2 of the Code of Virginia to require every public school to hold a fire drill and a lock down drill at least twice during the first 20 school days of each school session and at least two additional fire drills and lock down drills during the remainder of the school session.  The VCSCS developed guidance to assist school in achieving the new drill requirements. 

Threat Assessment- The 2016 Virginia General Assembly passed House Bill 1013 which provides FOIA protections for threat assessment data.  This bill also allows Threat Assessment Teams access to criminal, juvenile, and health record information.  The passing of this legislation aligned the K-12 threat assessment legislation with higher education legislation. 

Prior Legislative Updates