Client Information Management System (CIMS)


CIMS is a case management data collection system to aid Victim/Witness programs in tracking services provided to victims of crime with grant funds.  All Victim/Witness programs are required to compile their client information using the CIMS program.


Computer System Requirements:

 To run CIMS a computer must meet the following minimum requirements.

  • Windows 2007 or newer operating system
  • Installation of Microsoft Office Access 2007 or higher, 32-bit edition

Additional Information:

  • The installation of Microsoft Access MUST be 32-bit.  CIMS will NOT run on 64-bit
  • Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime software is required if you are using a version of Microsoft Access higher than 2010.  When using Runtime create the CIMS shortcut to automatically start CIMS with the 2010 Runtime.
  • CIMS will run on most modern computers with a Windows operating system, including laptops and tablets.  It will NOT run on an iPad or Android Tablet.
  • Hard drive space and memory requirements are negligible.


For Current CIMS Users:

IMPORTANT INSTALLATION NOTE! The CIMS2004.mdb application MUST be installed in c:\CIMS2004.  Locations with multiple users need to install CIMS2004.mdb on each individual users computer.  This application cannot be shared and should not be saved to a network or shared drive.  Only the back-end database (CIMSdata2001.mdb) can be accessed by multiple users.


For New CIMS Users:

  • WARNING: Download the Back-end Database Template ONLY if your location has never used CIMS before.  Downloading and running this file under any other circumstances may result in the loss of your existing CIMS data. If a file named 'CIMSdata2001.mdb' already exists at your location downloading this file may replace your existing database with an empty database resulting in the loss of your program data.
  • If you are an existing user and are intentionally downloading an empty database you are strongly encouraged to create a backup of your existing file to reduce the risk of lossing your program data.


Help And Assistance: