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Public Safety Grants and Programs

The DCJS Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety (VCSCS) also serves as the Public Safety Training Section of the agency.  Thus, supporting local law enforcement agencies through innovative trainings, grants, and cutting edge resources.  Not unlike the rest of the Nation, law enforcement in Virginia is very diverse, serving rural, suburban, and urban environments through their capacities as Sheriff’s Offices, Police Departments, and other law enforcement agencies.  Due to this diversity, and the agencies tie-ins with schools and institutions of higher education, the VCSCS offers various topical trainings such as Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, Gang Awareness & Investigations Training, and Responding to Alzheimer's Disease Training,  among others.  The VCSCS also offers general law enforcement training such as Fair and Impartial Policing Training and Winning Back Your Community.  The VCSCS is dedicated to supporting law enforcement throughout the Commonwealth and thanks all law enforcement for their dedication to keeping all citizens safe!

DCJS Active Attack Training Program

Trending Topics in Public Safety

Filming the Police & Body Worn CamerasAfter a number of high profile officer-involved incidents, the discussion around the right to film police and the use of body-worn cameras has dominated news cycles and policy discussions.  To assist law enforcement constituents, DCJS published a Model Policy on Body Worn Cameras in 2015.  For more in-depth resources on the issue of body worm cameras, the Bureau of Justice Assistance created a Body-Worn Camera Toolkit with lots of great information.   Additionally, many of our law enforcement trainings touch on this topic.  To stay informed on the release of these trainings manage your subscriptions to include All School & Campus Safety categories.

Public Safety Staff Contacts

Chris Scuderi, Public Safety Law Enforcement Training Coordinator
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Tracy Matthews, Law Enforcement Grants and Programs Manager