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CCCA-PSA - Core Competencies

Core Competencies for Local Probation and Pretrial Practices (CORE) is an enhanced approach to learning with a blended format that incorporates computer-based learning, distance learning exercises, traditional classroom sessions and on-the-job training to introduce core principles, job skills and the tools needed to effectively apply intervention strategies and techniques.   

  • Essential Skills – LMS Course Series 1
  • Essential Skills – Classroom Session 1
  • Specialized Skills – LMS Course Series 2
  • Specialized Skills / Pretrial – Classroom Session 2A
  • Specialized Skills / Probation – Classroom Session 2B
  • Supervision Strategies – LMS Course Series 3 
  • The CORE Agency Training Guide is a tool for agency directors, managers and supervisors ONLY. The contents of this document will provide information on and assist with reinforcing learning through all components of CORE Competencies for Local Probation and Pretrial Practices.

  • The CORE Participant Workbook contains supplemental exercises to reinforce terminology and concepts presented in the online portion of CORE.  This workbook contains several activities that must be completed for and will be referenced during classroom sessions.

  • The CORE Competencies Enrollment – LMS User form is to be completed and emailed to the DCJS Training Coordinator within 15 business days of a new employee’s start date. 

    In addition, all new employees must be the registered through the DCJS Event Registration System to have an online learning account activated and to participate in all components of CORE Competencies for Local Probation and Pretrial Practices.


Amanda Griffith
Training Coordinator, Adult Justice Programs
Adult Correctional Services
(804) 573-1581