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PAPIS: Virginia Prisoner Reentry Program

The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) administers state appropriation funds in the form of grants to support the Pre-release and Post -Incarceration Services (PAPIS) Programs. The vast majority of incarcerated individuals will reintegrate back into the community. This grant program supports pre-release and post -incarceration professional programs that provide resources and supportive reentry services to returning citizens. PAPIS programs strive to increase the likelihood of successful reintegration of adults upon being released from prisons and jails into local communities. PAPIS programs are incorporating research-informed recidivism reduction services into service delivery, with specific focus areas of assessing clients for risk and needs related to recidivism, evidence-based cognitive-behavioral programming, and job readiness and employment services. Currently, this is a continuation grant. Only existing recipients of this grant are eligible to apply for this funding opportunity.

Pre-Release services are intended to prepare incarcerated individuals for their transition from incarceration back into the community. Jail pre-release services may include assessment, reentry and transition planning, training, counseling, mentoring, tutoring, and referral. Training programs focus on job readiness and employment skills, budgeting, consumer skills, family relationships, transition expectations, and related areas of value to individuals soon to be released. Pre-release services in state correctional institutions include assisting staff in delivering the Department of Corrections’ Life Skills Program, developing reentry and transition plans for difficult placement cases, and connection with community services soon after release.

Post-Incarceration services are provided to individuals who have been recently released from incarceration and are intended to address their specific and individual needs in an effort to support successful reintegration into the community and sustain crime-free lifestyles. Risk and recidivism reduction services include assessment, training, counseling, mentoring, tutoring, information, and referrals, job readiness and employment services. Post-incarceration services also assist individuals with obtaining stabilization and emergency services such as food, clothing, transportation, and shelter assistance.



Cynthia Nwarache
Reentry Coordinator
(804) 659-2264