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Addiction Recovery Program Grant

The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) is making state general funds available for grants to support addiction recovery programs in local and regional jails. The General Assembly appropriated funds for up to four pilot programs not to exceed $38,400 in state general funds (SGF) each. These funds are available for this purpose pursuant to §9.102(53), which directs DCJS to:

develop a model addiction recovery program that may be administered by sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, jail officers, administrators, or superintendents in any local or regional jail. Such program shall be based on any existing addiction recovery programs that are being administered by any local or regional jails in the Commonwealth. Participation in the model addiction recovery program shall be voluntary, and such program may address aspects of the recovery process, including medical and clinical recovery, peer-to-peer support, availability of mental health resources, family dynamics, and aftercare aspects of the recovery process….

This is a competitive solicitation.  A local match, cash or in kind, of 25% of the SGF award is required.  Eligible projects will be reviewed based on applicant need and comprehensiveness of program model selected.

Contact Information

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DCJS Grants Administration
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Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804.786.4000
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