Correctional Law - Key Statutes Related to Adult Community Corrections

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§ 8.01-226.8Civil immunity for public officials and volunteers related to community service for probationers
§ 9.1-173 et seq.Comprehensive Community Corrections Act For Local Responsible Offenders CCCA
§ 9.1-175Authority for DCJS to prescribe standards for Local Community-Based Probation Agencies
§ 9.1-176Mandated services for CCCA
§ 9.1-176.1Duties and Responsibilities of local community based probation officers
§ 9.1-177Oath of office for local probation officer
§§ 9.1-178 
and 9.1-180
Community Criminal Justice Boards (CCJB)

§ 9.1-185.4 B.7 
and 9.1-186.4 B.8

Employees of local pretrial and community based probation services agencies not authorized to be licensed as bondsmen or bail recovery agents
§§ 9.1-900 , 9.1-901,
Laws related to sex offender registry for local probation agencies
§ 16.1-284Adult sentenced for juvenile offense/sentenced as Class I misdemeanor
§ 18.2-55Bodily injury caused by prisoners, defendants, probationers and parolees to jail officers, pretrial officers, juvenile probation officers, and local and state adult probation officers
§ 18.2-57.3Deferred Proceeding for first offense domestic assault and battery
§ 18.2-64.2Penalty for carnal knowledge of probationer/pretrial defendant
§ 18.2-67.4Penalty for sexual battery of probationer/pretrial defendant
§ 18.2-472False entries or destruction of records by officers
§ 19.2-81.5Public agency cooperation with a law-enforcement officer
§ 19.2-152.2 et seq.Pretrial Services Act PSA
§ 19.2-152.3Authority for DCJS to prescribe standards for Pretrial Services Agencies
§ 19.2-152.4Mandated services for pretrial agencies
§ 19.2-152.4:1Oath of office for/authority to seek capias by pretrial services officer
§ 19.2-152.4:3Duties and Responsibilities of pretrial services officers
§ 19.2-152.5Community Criminal Justice Boards
§ 19.2-303.3Sentencing procedures for CCCA/authority to seek capias by local probation officer
§ 33.2-231VDOT Landscaping Program for misdemeanant probationers
§ 53.1-150$50 Supervision Sentencing Fee for Misdemeanor Offenders
§§ 63.2-1509 
and 63.2-1510
Requirements for probation officers and others to report suspected child abuse or neglect
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Arrest/Bail Statutes

§ 19.2-3.1Personal appearance for bail by video/audio communications
§ 19.2-74Summons in lieu of arrest Criminal Misdemeanors
§ 19.2-80Duty of arresting officer with warrant or capias/bail
§ 19.2-80.2Arresting officer or pretrial services agency to provide CHRI
§ 19.2-82Procedures for arrest w/o warrant/bail

Primary Bail Statutes

§ 19.2-11.01Crime Victim & Witness Rights
§ 19.2-119Definitions related to bail
§ 19.2-120Admission to bail
§ 19.2-121Fixing terms of bail
§ 19.2-123Release on bail/terms and conditions
§ 19.2-130Bail in subsequent proceeding
§ 19.2-131Bail for person held in jurisdiction other than that of trial
§ 19.2-132Motion to increase bond
§ 19.2-135General conditions for recognizance
§ 19.2-158Arraignment
§ 19.2-159Determination of indigency

Definitions Related to Adult Corrections

§ 9.1-101Definitions - administration of justice, criminal justice agency, criminal history record information CHRI, ...etc.
§ 19.2-389Dissemination of CHRI
§ 19.2-389.1Dissemination of Juvenile Record Information
§ 19.2-392.2Expungement
§ 19.2-392.3Penalty for disclosure of expunged records
§ 53.1-1Definitions - adult corrections

Alternatives to Incarceration - General

§ 19.2-303Suspended sentence/probation
§ 19.2-303.1Fixing period of suspension of sentence
§ 19.2-303.2Deferred proceeding/probation
§ 19.2-303.4Payment of costs in deferred proceeding cases
§ 19.2-304Increasing/decreasing period of probation
§ 19.2-305Fines, costs, restitution
§ 19.2-305.1Restitution for property damage
§ 19.2-306Revocation of suspended sentence/probation
§ 19.2-354Deferred payment/community service in lieu of fines and costs
§ 53.1-131.2Home Electronic Incarceration

Penalties and punishment for offenses

§ 18.2-8Felonies, misdemeanors, traffic offenses defined
§ 18.2-10Felonies, penalty
§ 18.2-11Misdemeanors penalty
§ 18.2-12Misdemeanor, other
§ 18.2-12.1Minimum mandatory defined
§ 18.2-13Misdemeanor, other
§ 18.2-14Unclassified penalty
§ 18.2-15Place of punishment
§ 18.2-16Common-law offenses

Deferred proceedings authorized by statute

§ 4.1-305Possession of alcohol
§ 15.2-1812.2Willful and malicious damage to or defacement of public/private facilities
§ 18.2-57.3First offense of assault and battery against a family or household member
§ 18.2-251First offense, drug
§ 19.2-303.2Any crime against property constituting a misdemeanor, under Articles 5, 6, 7 and 8 of Chapter 5 (§ 18.2-119 et seq.) of Title 18.2.

Confidentiality of Records

§ 2.2-3706 F.8Disclosure of criminal records; limitations
§ 9.1-133 BInformation not subject to review or correction
§ 9.1-177.1Confidentiality of information and reports of local community-based probation agencies
§ 19.2-152.4:2Confidentiality of information and reports of pretrial services agencies

Access to Juvenile Records

§ 16.1-301

Confidentiality of juvenile law-enforcement records

§ 16.1-305Confidentiality of court records
§ 16.1-307Circuit court records regarding juveniles

Statewide Community-Based Corrections System for State Responsible Offenders

§ 19.2-295.2Post release supervision/probation
§ 19.2-316.1 / § 53.1-67.1Boot Camp 17 weeks confinement + 1 YR probation
§ 19.2-316.2 / § 53.1-67.8Detention center 4 to 6 months residential detention + 1 YR probation
§ 19.2-316.3 / § 53.1-67.7Diversion Center 4 to 6 months residential diversion > ISP + 1 YR probation
§ 53.1- 67 et seq.Statewide Community-Based Corrections System For State Responsible Offenders
§ 53.1-141 & 145State probation and parole services
§ 53.1-177Halfway Houses little used since 1980
NO SPECIFIC STATUTEDay Reporting Centers


§ 18.2-271.1VASAP
§ 18.2-266DWI 18.2-266
§ 18.2-270.1Ignition Interlock
§ 46.2-357DWI-Commercial

Substance Abuse Screening & Assessment

§ 16.1-69.48:3Offender Fees for General District Court/Misdemeanor Drug Offenses
§ 17.1-275 (A 10 & A 11)Offender Fees for Circuit Court/Felony Drug Offenses
§ 18.2-251.01Screening & Assessment of Offenders Convicted of Felony Drug Offenses
§ 18.2-251Screening & Assessment of Deferred Proceeding/ Probation for First Offense Possession of a Controlled Substance
§ 18.2-251.4Defeating drug and alcohol screening and assessment tests
§ 18.2-252Substance Abuse Screening/Assessment, Testing, Treatment or Education Required for Suspended Sentence in Any Drug Offense
§ 18.2-254Commitment For Treatment of Drug Abuse or Alcoholism in Lieu of Incarceration
§ 18.2-254.1Drug Treatment Control Act
§ 18.2-251.02Drug Offender Assessment Fund
§ 18.2-258.1Obtaining drugs, procuring administration of controlled substances, etc., by fraud, deceit or forgery - plea agreement for conviction of misdemeanor if successful on probation
§ 19.2-299.2Screening & Assessment of Offenders Convicted of Misdemeanor Drug Offenses

Crime Victim & Witness Rights

§ 19.2-11.01Crime Victim & Witness Rights
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