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Jail Mental Health Pilot Program

The Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) administers general appropriation funds to continue the pilot Jail Mental Health Programs (JMHPP) at six local and regional jails. These programs provide mental health services for individuals housed in their facilities. Per the Appropriations Act, the programs cannot be expanded beyond those receiving funds during the first year of the pilot program. The Act further states the JMHPP sites are required to collect and report on a quarterly basis qualitative and quantitative data of pilot site performance including:

  1. mental health screenings and assessments provided to inmates,
  2. mental health treatment plans and services provided to inmates,
  3. jail safety incidents involving inmates and jail staff,
  4. the provision of appropriate services after release, [and]
  5. the number of inmates re-arrested or re-incarcerated within 90 days after release following a positive identification for mental health disorders in jail or the receipt of mental health treatment within the facility.

There are currently six JMHPP sites in Virginia that receive level grant funding to support their mental health services to mentally ill individuals. 


Leslie Egen
Criminal Justice Behavioral Health & Substance Use Disorder Response Coordinator
(804) 659-6762


Asha Blair
(804) 750-0281