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Submitting Applications

I'm used to uploading a PDF document with the grant application info. Under OGMS, all I have to do is sign in and enter the grant data and submit for approval?

You will complete the application in OGMS and will not need to send a PDF. However, some funding opportunities will still require you to upload documents. Your Project Administrator will need to sign the Authority Certification.

How do we change the grant contact person information, say if the director leaves.

You would submit a contract amendment and register the new individual in OGMS.  Once the registration is complete and the contract amendment has been approved you will need to add the individual as an additional contact on the grant. For instructions on this process, please refer to the OGMS Training & Resources page.

Our organization has three DCJS grants, what will that look like in OGMS?

There is no limit to the number of users who can register under one organization. Any grant started or submitted by one of those users will now be associated with that organization. For the user to have access to the application and grant tracking they will need to be added as an additional contact. This can be done at the application level or in grant tracking after the grant has been awarded.

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