(FY 2015 - 2016) Comprehensive Community Corrections Act (CCCA) and Pretrial Services Act (PSA)

The Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) administers general appropriation funds designated for the purpose of supporting the Comprehensive Community Corrections Act for Local-Responsible Offenders (CCCA) and the Pretrial Services Act (PSA) as grants to local units of government. Applications for continuation funding for Fiscal Year 2016 are currently being solicited.

Eligibility Requirements: 

Only county or city governments that currently receive CCCA and PSA funds are eligible to receive continuation funding. For multi-jurisdictional efforts, one of the participating localities must submit the grant application on behalf of all participating jurisdictions and must assume responsibility for grant administrative and financial matters by serving as the Administrative and Fiscal Agent. Private organizations may receive grant funds only through contracts with local governments for probation services.

The County Administrator, County Executive or County or City Manager must serve as the Project Administrator. For multi-jurisdictional efforts, the County Administrator or City Manager of the locality serving as the Administrative and Fiscal Agent must serve as the Project Administrator. It will be the responsibility of the applicant locality to ensure that funds are spent in accordance with grant requirements and local and state procurement regulations.

Each applicant is to have a Community Criminal Justice Board (CCJB) to serve as an advisory body to the local governing body on matters pertaining to local criminal justice issues. The composition and responsibilities of the CCJB are specified in §9.1-178 of the Code of Virginia.