(FY 2015 - 2016) PAPIS: Virginia Prisoner Reentry Program

This program, which is financed by a state appropriation and administered by the DCJS, supports prerelease and post-incarceration professional services and guidance that increase the opportunity for, and the likelihood of, successful reintegration of adults upon release from prisons and jails into local communities. PAPIS programs are incorporating research-informed recidivism reduction services into service delivery, with specific focus areas of assessing clients for risk and needs related to recidivism, evidence-based cognitive-behavioral programming, and job readiness and employment services. As a key element for successful reintegration of returning clients, employment placement services are emphasized in the scope of service delivery by potential grant recipients.

Eligibility Requirements: 

Applicants may be public or private nonprofit entities. There are currently nine reentry services providers supported by these funds. The state appropriation is stable at this time but, until the appropriation is expanded, this grant program is not open to any but the current service providers.