Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Victim Fund (VSDVVF) - Discretionary

The Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) is the administering agency for the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Victim Fund (VSDVVF) grant program. Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Victim Fund grants are available to non-profit programs, local units of government, and state agencies that provide services to victims of and/or children affected by sexual violence, domestic violence, stalking and family abuse. Eligible applicants include law enforcement agencies, victims’ services programs, and programs that provide civil legal assistance. Public college and university campus programs are eligible to apply, as are private, non-profit hospitals

Funds awarded during this cycle will be for a one year continuation-period at this time.


Grantees are required to submit four (4) quarterly progress reports via the fillable PDF document linked below, which should be uploaded into OGMS each quarter. 

To ensure that future grant applicants and existing grantees have the training and resources they need to navigate the new OGMS successfully, DCJS has recordings available for self-guided training. These training videos will provide a global overview of OGMS functionality as well as high-level instructions on how to perform various tasks. Since the conclusion of the training, we strongly encourage authorized grant officials and key staff who are responsible for managing the VSDVVF Grant Program to review the recordings for performing various tasks and instructions for registration I have also included for you the instructions for submitting the requested revisions following a request for negotiations. 
For questions regarding OGMS please email (and include your grant name and grant number) or visit OGMS. The VSDVVF Grant Program Coordinator will also be available to provide technical assistance and support during the process via email at