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Renew A License/Registration

How to Renew a DCJS Registration or License

Note: If your registration is expired, you will to need to create a new initial application, NOT a renewal application.

Step 1: Application

Create an account or login to your existing account to renew your license or registration.

Step 2: Fingerprints

Most renewal applications do not require fingerprints to be submitted. Those who are required to submit fingerprints each renewal cycle are:

  • Armored Car Personnel, Bail Bondsmen and Bail Enforcement Agents, SCOPs, and Tow Truck Drivers

Step 3: Training

All registrations and licenses issued by DCJS require in-service training for each renewal (except for Tow Truck Drivers).

  • Many renewal in-service trainings can be done online. Check if your license or registration category has an online in-service training option: click here.
  • Specific training requirements of each program: go to the main page and select your program under the “Licenses, Regulations and Certifications” box.
  • Search for training schools in your area: click here.  Choose the training you need under “Category” and enter your location in the “City” field.