CY 2023 Firearm Violence Intervention and Prevention (FVIP)

General Assembly in Section 408 of Chapter2 of the Acts of Assembly of the 2022 Special Session 1. This funding source “shall be used for the purpose of supporting gun violence intervention and prevention programs.” Such funds shall be made available “to agencies of local government, community-based organizations, and hospitals for the purpose of supporting implementation of evidence-informed gun violence intervention and prevention efforts, including street outreach, hospital-based violence intervention, and other violence intervention programs. Grant funds shall also support firearm suicide prevention and safe firearm removal practices from persons prohibited from possessing a firearm, including subjects of domestic violence protective orders”, persons convicted of prohibitory crimes, and persons subject to substantial risk orders.

This announcement provides guidance to aid applicants in determining eligibility, developing a program narrative, developing the itemized budget and budget narrative, and completing other related forms. Using the guidance presented in this document, applicants should be able to efficiently and effectively prepare complete applications in the On-line Grant Management System (OGMS).


Approximately $1,300,000 is available under this solicitation. Eligible applicants include:

  • Non-profit community-based organizations.

Priority will be given to non-profit community-based organizations serving localities with disproportionate firearm-related homicides to support crime intervention and prevention through community engagement, including youth programs.


Firearm Violence Intervention and Prevention Grant Funding Solicitation Guidelines

Wednesday February 1, 2023 2:00pm (Register)