(FY 2021) Pre and Post-Incarceration Services (PAPIS)

The Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) administers general appropriation funds designated to support Pre and Post-Incarceration Services (PAPIS) programs. Applications for continuation funding for Fiscal Year 2021 are currently being solicited.

This grant is intended specifically to facilitate case management, reentry planning, transitional housing, treatment, employment readiness, and employment placement for individuals returning to the community. In addition to providing basic individual needs, programs should incorporate research-informed practices that target individual criminogenic risk factors and needs associated with recidivism.

Pre-release services are intended to prepare individuals for transition from incarceration to community. Jail pre-release services include assessment, reentry and transition planning, programming, information, and referrals. Programming should focus on both basic needs and individual criminogenic needs of individuals soon to be released. Pre-release services in state correctional institutions include collaboration with prison staff in developing reentry and transition plans, and connection with community services prior to release.

Post-incarceration services are intended to provide services to individuals that have been recently released from incarceration. These services may include job readiness and employment services, emergency services such as food, clothing, transportation, and shelter. Post-incarceration services may also include risk and recidivism reduction services such as cognitive-behavioral programming and interventions.